provides convenient and user friendly access to breakdown information.
First, the weekly production report offers the latest information on new film/TV projects as well as updates to existing projects. Just one click gives you access to the most current data:


  • View Weekly Report - View current weekly report of all new and updated projects.

Each project listing provides detailed contact information including production office and/or production company address, phone and fax numbers, start date, shooting location(s), project summary, and more (click here to view example). And, all reports can be printed for note taking and future reference.

Second, the searchable database provides access to all projects that have been added or updated within the last six months (approx. 1,800 projects). Create and print customized reports in one of three ways: 


  • Quick Search - Find a project by title, director's last name, production company, line producer, distributor, producer, location, and more.
  • Search Plus - Use up to 5 variables at once (e.g., "Locate all projects in pre-production that are feature films with a shooting location of Los Angeles.").
  • Search Plus Date - Select projects by month and year they begin shooting, type of project (e.g., feature film) and location.